Here we go again….

This could be a case of “here we go again”.  Yesterday my friend Jeremy and I were chatting outside our church and naturally we got around to cycling and sharing the joys of the 150 mile Coast to Coast with each other.  He already knows I’m not planning on doing it again and went onto explain that in spite of him signing up for the 2015 event, he’s decided to pull out.

Jeremy’s decision to pull out is not based on any difficulty in doing an event like that but for unconnected other reasons.  It was then he took me a little by surprise and enquired whether I’d be interested in an event in June next year.

“It’s in Wales and not that hilly”

“How far?” I enquired

“Well it’s [mumbling] three hundred and something”

“WHAAAAT?” I exclaimed “Three hundred and something?  Are you mad?”

“No don’t worry, it’s only that distance in kilometres so you’ll be okay.  In fact it’s only [mumbling again] 180 miles and the ascent isn’t as much as our Coast to Coast”.

As if that makes any difference!  Wow 180 miles sounds a long way but I figured if I could do 150 hilly miles, then surely I could do 180.  I said probably not, or words to that effect.  The reasoning was the impact on my family: all that training month after month.  I couldn’t put them through that again, surely?

At home and after lunch I mentioned it to Rachel, saying I’d declined Jeremy’s offer.

“Well you could do it if you wanted”


“Yes but I think we’ll need to work out how we’ll manage all the DIY….” and Rachel reminded me that I have neglected some of our usual house maintenance over the last year and things have started to pile up a bit as cycling had pushed DIY things into second place.  Rachel suggested if I could find a flexible all-rounder for doing decorating, gardening etc I would be in.  That seemed solvable I thought.  All I need to do is farm out some of our necessary work and I’ll be able to spend lots of time cycling once again.  Yipeeee!

And then I thought some more.  No, that wasn’t the solution.  As much as I love cycling I don’t want to devote all that time away from husbandly duties too much.  Even if I am at home doing the garden, I am still “at home” and reachable.  And then after some further discussion and reminding myself why I am doing all this I came to a decision.  Events in the 50 – 100 mile range seem nice and achievable and will be more plentiful in their availability.  I will continue to achieve what I want to achieve – staying in good shape while enjoying cycling.  I’ve done the 150 miles in a day; nothing to prove to myself anymore.  Besides, I’m also enjoying myself having taken up running again!

I’ve done the right thing, haven’t I?

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  1. Dee J Harmon says:

    I’ve registered for a 100 mile ride October 18th and now regret that cause that has taken time away from lots of other things cause I now have to do lots of cycling to train and be ready. But I am going ahead with it and do the ride as at the end of the ride I will probably say “wow I am sure glad I was able to ride these 100 miles it’s been realy nice. Regards Dee.

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