Go Hard Or Go Home

go hard or go homeLast night I stumbled across the Channel 5 programme “Go Hard Or Go Home” presented by the very watchable Hannah White.  I hardly ever watch TV and missed the start but still absolutely loved it!

Hannah took a bunch of four Doctors and got them trained for a cycle challenge – the Bone Breaker   This is a cycle ride from Spain, over the Pyrenees to France and back into Spain.  It’s a round trip of about 120 miles and involves some long steady climbs; all to be done within 12 hours.

The Doctors were quite varied in their age range – from late 20’s to mid 60’s.  All were ripe for losing a bit of weight and gain some fitness.  One even needed to learn how to ride a bike in the first place!  Their training was over a few months and had its fair share of ups and downs.  There were also a few tears along the journey with Hannah White providing loving gentle encouragement.  Some parts were quite poignant as we watched the Doctors under real pressure, being pushed really hard and showing their own frailties.

The Bone Breaker looked a fantastic event, thousands of cyclists taking part in a gruelling challenge (but not as far as my Coast to Coast challenge in June!).  One of the Doctors had a minor tumble from her bike and needed to withdraw from the event.  The others pressed on and one can’t help but admire each one.

In terms of admiration, perhaps none more so than Dr John (above) who was particularly impressive.  He was by far the eldest, in his 60s and definitely the one who had the biggest training challenge.  He completed the challenge – with seconds to spare – in a way that many of us should truly sit up and take note.  Mind you, he was slightly comical and very “Doctor-sh” as he was continuously monitoring his heart rate and he was often giving a running commentary “gosh my heart rate’s now over 180 and that’s dangerous!”.

Next week

Monday 20th January 8.00pm Channel 5.  I think this will feature some Women’s Institute members taking on an Ironman!  I can’t wait!

Any rival TV production companies out there – I’m open to offers!


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