First 2015 white knuckle ride

Rachel cycling on the Busway

Rachel cycling on the Busway

Astonished.  Amazed.  Absolutely flabbergasted.  Read on.

“Let’s go for a bike ride, just us” I gingerly suggested “might be a nice thing to do in the sunshine and we can take it easy” I added, trying to make the thought a little more palatable.  After all, you might have read about the Reluctant Cyclist and how one needs to choose the time to make such suggestions with care.

No sooner had I suggested that and got an agreeable response, I must have blinked as instantly Rachel was there waiting in the driveway with her cycling trousers, helmet and bike, all raring to go.

“Did you say Bison Hill?” enquired Rachel.

I should say, for the benefit of readers who aren’t too local, that Bison Hill is the hill around here that cyclists like to tackle.  It’s just outside Dunstable, here in undulating Bedfordshire.  It’s a decent hill in terms of training, exercising and has its very own cluster of Strava segments at various distances.

“Bison Hill?  Really?” I asked, not quite sure whether to take Rachel seriously.

“Well I suppose if you’re whimping out Doug, we could simply have a little amble along the Luton-Dunstable Busway.  Let’s go”.

And so we did.  We did 3 or 4 miles or so, mostly ambling along side by side, trying not to unnerve each other too much as it can be a bit tricky, here and there.  It was lovely but freezing cold.  I had my winter gloves on and my fingers were feeling pretty cold, err white, white knuckles to put it mildy.  Rachel on the other hand was beaming and laughing her socks off at my wobbly attempts to photograph her using my iPhone.  These things just aren’t made for this kind of thing and I wouldn’t want to drop it.


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Cycling up Bison Hill, Bedfordshire

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2 Responses to First 2015 white knuckle ride

  1. velovoiceblogspot says:

    Woohoo! Has she got her own bike now? 🙂

    • doug says:

      Yes! Courtesy of those nice people in Travel Choices along with their partners/stakeholders, so maybe a short term bike. Could be a step towards something more permanent.
      It’s a Trek hybrid. Nothing too fancy but pretty good for what it is.

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