Feeling wistful

The sign of heading back to university

The sign of heading back to university

I was feeling wistful when I took this photo, very wistful in fact.  It was the day before Becky, my eldest daughter, headed back to university and she decided to take this bike with her, instead of her slightly disposable MTB.

Naturally we miss her but it’s good to know she’s following her ambition of being able to enjoy student life and be “fairly good at something”.  That “something” is Mathematics and sure, she’s fairly good.  She’s enjoying cycling around, making a change from using her penny board and has already clocked up quite a few miles.  This is a mixture of going from her rented house to the university campus, shops, friends, church and so on.

I must admit to feeling a little nervous about her having this bike at university, knowing how unique and irreplaceable it is: fits her like a glove.  Already she’s had her front light nicked but I think that kind of thing is almost inevitable.

So there you go, one Dad out of thousands up and down the country feeling wistful at the quieter, tidy house.

By the way, this is the bike that started out a few years back as the Birthday Bike Project from 2012.

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