Fast cyclists are more attractive!

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 06.39.58According to research, women apparently find men who are fast cyclists more attractive!  A recent article by the Royal Society’s journal Biology Letters came up with this result about men who are physically fit – and we need to include cyclists in this group – are judged as being more attractive compared to their couch potato comrades.

Furthermore, the Institute of Evolutionary Biology which is based at the University of Zurich carried out some research by determining the attractiveness of 80 Tour de France cyclists.  It turns out there is a connection between the top performing cyclists and the attractiveness as seen through the eyes of the people being tested.  Before you ask, people were eliminated if they recognised any of the cyclists, such as Bradley Wiggins.  Would you be surprised to know that the top performing cyclists were rank as being more attractive by the 800 participants in the research.

Is this another reason to be a cyclist?  Does cycling really make you more attractive?  Is attractiveness really in proportion to sporting ability?  All important questions for some.

Me?  Couldn’t care less!

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