The enigmatic Dr Bike

The enigmatic Dr Bike

The enigmatic Dr Bike

You might have heard of Dr Bike, or even have a Dr Bike leaflet thrust into your hand as I did a while back.  I think that must have been somewhere on the local Busway when Dr Bike’s assistants were out spreading the news?

So who exactly is Dr Bike?

He tends to crop up here and there, often when something cycling related is going on.  Without complaining he tunes up all kinds of bikes and let’s face it, some of the heaps of junk being ridden around certainly need it.  He can be seen adjusting gears, truing wheels and making sure there’s enough air in the tyres.  All free of charge, all of the love of cycling and helping to keep people moving.

I can’t help draw some kind of comparison with the Stig. The Stig’s identity is (meant to be) a closely guarded secret.  A kind of “need to know” basis.  Perhaps that’s as far as anything in common goes.  The Stig was famed for driving cars (expensive fast ones, through to ordinary cars) around a course at maximum speed.  Bloomin’ hooligan.  Could you imagine the Stig on a bicycle?  Might do him and the awful Jeremy Clarkson some good.

And so with Dr Bike.  He’s no Stig.  Instead a kind, unassuming chap and always ready with a lovely smile and a good chat.  But who is he?

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  1. velovoiceblogspot says:

    I think I’m in love with him.

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