My Dentist is also a Cyclist!

IMG_0630Just found out my very nice dentist is also a cyclist!  Knowing a little more of Mr LeRoux’s journey adds an extra dimension to visiting the dentist, even if it means a bit of a one-sided conversation.  This is how it goes….

Conversations are always going to be a bit one-sided in the dentist’s chair, aren’t they?  With a drill, a mirror and a suction tube in your mouth it is a little difficult trying to have a meaningful conversation beyond the occasional “aaaaaagh” or “uh” or even a simple grunt.  Add to that the need for the dentist and dental nurse to talk to each other, it makes it difficult to join in.  Even when the opportunity to string a few words together crops up, it’s all too easy for this to be “yes I am flossing my teeth more nowadays”.

In spite of all of this, we somehow got onto talking about cycling.  In someways he’s a typical MAMIL (Middle Aged Man In Lycra) having “found” cycling after a few years of spreading waist line.  He’s got a road bike and had a go in one of the many sportives on offer these days.  This was one of the London to Brighton events last year which he did and is rightly proud of.

“Did you know” he says to his colleague “Mr Smith has entered me into this year’s event?”.  I lie there, submissively with the drilling taking place, eagerly wanting to join the conversation.

“Oh you mean Mr Smith, your patient?” enquires the dental nurse

“Yes that’s right, he only told me the other day, after he’d done it”

Mt LeRoux didn’t seem too bothered by this but then it’s not everyday a patient will enter his dentist into a cycling event.  I wonder what other things this Mr Smith has been doing.  Maybe he’s entered his Doctor into a marathon?  Perhaps the receptionist and dental nurse have been signed up as well?  Wouldn’t that be fun!

Do Dentists make good cyclists?

I will expect Mr LeRoux and all other Dentists to be meticulous cyclists and I will be checking up on this during my next visit.  Dentists will undoubtedly be flossing their sprockets as well as their teeth to keep them nice and clean; free from any gunge that will cause excessive wear.  Perhaps they X-ray the tyres to make sure there’s no embedded needles to cause a puncture.  Maybe they even inflate the tyres with go-faster laughing gas?  It is likely there are many Dentists who are MAMILs, so they’ll be well turned out and looking the part.  Add the dazzling Dentist-white smile you’ll be needing your shades whenever you come anywhere near.

What kind of bicycle would a Dentist ride?  High end or budget end?  Classy road bike or simply a bike shaped object?  I’m not sure but could it be a Chopper?  As I need some further treatment, I might be able to find a little more out!

In the meantime, I’d welcome any thoughts on this.  Just leave me a comment below.


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