Dear Bike thief

This is a really heartening story and picked up by the BBC in Berkshire.

A young man called Alex had spent a year or so saving enough money to buy himself a new bike for £700.  Unfortunately it was stolen in a week.  He was upset as you can imagine and wrote a note to the bike thief, leaving it in the exact spot where his bike was stolen.  It is understood the letter started “Dear Bike thief….”.  In the actual note he explained he would return every day at 6:00pm in case the bike could be returned.

Instead of the note being spotted by the bike thief, it was spotted by a local woman called Rachel.  Recognising the opportunity she set about fund raising for the cash to have the bike replaced for Alex as you can see from the short video clip on the BBC website.

This story is so encouraging; there’s so many news stories of bad things taking place it is so refreshing when something like this gets a mention.  Well done to Rachel for starting the fund raising, well done to all the folk who donated money, well done to Alex himself for being such a humble, good natured young man.  Finally ‘well done’ to the local BBC news team who posted the story: we need stories like this!

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