Cycling to work – sweat, grit and bumble bees

Here’s a few highlights of yesterday’s 43 mile round trip to work:

  • This has to be the best possible weather – hot, sunny and still.  Rachel, meanwhile, is wilting a bit in this glorious weather;
  • Didn’t get that possible downpour the weather forecast said might happen.  I didn’t have a waterproof jacket and couldn’t have cared less.  Shame we didn’t get a deluge, I was looking forward to it as it could have been simply wonderful riding along in a warm monsoon, soaked to the skin;
  • 97% on relatively quiet country lanes, hardly anything was flat.  I always seemed to be going up or down, I almost longed for a bit of normal pedaling;
  • Cramp once again in both feet, though thankfully not at the same time.  Remember cramp+SPDs x2 = not good;
  • In places the tarmac was soft because of the extreme heat.  That sticky sound of the tyres rolling on melting tarmac is, er, sticky and weird.  Not to mention grit sticking to the tyres and then clogging up the mudguards with fine grit;
  • I got overtaken by a Hummer.  Man, these are even more obscene, stupid and ridiculous than black Range Rovers which I have blogged about before.  Have you seen those rear view mirrors?  Design of bolt on mirrors are simply awful for cyclists.  I will need to investigate what kind of people choose to drive these things and why.
  • A bumble bee flew into the vents on my helmet `nd buzzed around for a bit, then managed to escape.  That was a close thing;
  • Coming home I rode, alongside a fella from the Hitchin Nomads for a few miles.  Seemed we were equally paced and I wish I’d caught his name.  Specialized Roubaix, an entry level full carbon fibre frame and pretty good by all accounts.
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