Cycling at Paddington station

imageJust a quick post about cycling at Paddington station as I pass through.

First impressions are cyclists must surely be welcome when you clock the ample space for parking. Security advice signs together with sturdy barriers to lock your bike to. All good stuff.

And then you hear the automated PA announcement about not cycling in the station. It’s incredibly stern, strict and mean sounding. Almost as if the provision of parking is through gritted teeth and rather begrudgingly at that.

The only active cyclists I happened to see were of the Brompton tribe. Now we all know they’re a polite and compliant group, eager to do their bit for the planet. I can’t imagine them ever flouting such a ruling and it’s probably worth commenting on the others. On the whole I thought they were a class or two above the usual station hack which is encouraging and possibly to the annoyance of the powers that be.  So what’s the problem?

What next?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the needs of the humble cyclist really were taken more sincerely. Making a start with the warm welcome to all cyclists on the PA system wouldn’t be a bad step to take.

There, now I feel better. And the train delay is now behind me. Looking good.

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