Cycling in the summer

Stunning summer scenery at Bison Hill, Beds.

Stunning summer scenery at Bison Hill, Beds.

Since I have been cycling over the last couple of years, I’ve come to appreciate the different seasons we have here in England even more.  I plan to do a blog post on each season but only when the season itself comes.  So, it is summer right now, here’s my observations of cycling at this time of year.

I can’t think of any reason why I shouldn’t like cycling in the summer apart from the obvious question of heat, too much sun and the risk of dehydration.  Apparently dehydration of just 2% equals a 20% loss of performance – if you start to feel thirsty you are dehydrated.

As I mostly early in the morning and occasionally in the evening, the risk of overheating is small.  There are, however, so many other compelling reasons to enjoy running in the summer:

  • In early July there’s enough light to cycle for 16 hours a day, perhaps more.  That opens up lots of possibilities
  • The countryside is at it’s peak – especially grasses as this shows me cycling through the Chiltern Hills – particularly lovely in the summer
  • I like the hazy pastel colours in certain conditions
  • Hedgerows are full of flowers
  • At dusk I love the sensation of cycling into those pockets of cold damp air and then out the other side just a few seconds later
  • I like the warmth and yet appreciate the cooling properties of modern technical materials
  • Seeing insects buzzing around flowers
  • Summer rains – especially after a long hot spell – sometimes you can almost smell the rain coming.  When it does it’s so invigorating
  • It’s nice to explore new roads and other routes at this time of year
  • Saves money – why pay a gym membership when you can exercise and run outside?
  • Most of this applies to running as well!
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