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These days there is an on-line forum for almost any subject, interest, hobby or pastime.  Cycling is no different and I thought a little digging around might be useful to see what’s out there.  Below, at the bottom of this post, I’ve listed the higher profile forums.

These forums can be a huge source of entertainment, information or wasted time.  They are opportunities to interact with other like-minded people or maybe even getting to know each other personally.  One of my friends met his wife through following up an advert in the Cyclist’s Touring Club magazine; but that was many years before any of us had even heard of the internet!  So, there’s a complete range of benefits, right from knowing how many ball bearings there are in a TA Bottom Bracket, through to finding a wide, a husband, partner, cycling companion, training partner etc.

Forums are also useful for encouragement (in both directions) or sharing your achievements.  Much problem solving has been accomplished through these forums.  Another of my friends has a bought vintage sports car and has found the forum covering these cars to be invaluable.  Forums are also useful for people who want to have a rant, a moan or let off steam and generally people distance themselves through using odd user names.

Here goes:

CTC forum

Cycle Chat

Bide Radar

Road Cycling


Velo Riders

Yet Another Cycling Forum

Cycle Junkies

Touring Cyclist

Uk Cycling Forums

Braveheart Cycling Fund Forum

Thorn Bikes

If you know of others, please let a comment and I’ll happily share


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