Cycling in the evening (and a crap photo)

Bridge on the NCN 6

Bridge on the NCN 6

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have a cycle ride in the evening.  I can tell you, cycling on a summer’s evening can be very special.  Trouble is, you’d never know judging by the second rate photograph I took yesterday but I’m afraid it’ll have to do.  By the way, it was taken on NCN 6 between Dunstable and Stanbridge, I’m sure many local folk will recognise it straight away.

So what is so special about cycling in the evening (in the summer)?

  • You miss the heat of the day
  • The light is much nicer than the harshness of midday sunshine in the summer – few things are photogenic.  Highlights are burnt out and shadows too shady. Much nicer is the softer, lower sunlight
  • The countryside, right now, is looking lovely.  In our surrounding fields we have wheat crops all bleached yellow and nearly ready for harvesting.  We have long grasses swaying in the breeze
  • I love those cold pockets of air you can ride into and out the other side in just a few seconds.  Have you experienced this?  I think it’s great!  Sometimes you know why that pocket of cold, still air is there (a dip in a woodland road) and yet other times it is more mysterious
  • Cycling along a river or a canal is special too; ever seen birds swooping low over the water, catching little flying insects?
  • Cycling in the evening is a lovely way of rounding off a busy day, ahead of a sound, deep and blissful sleep


Pedalling around Penestin, France

Cycling at Christmas!

The 9th rule of Saturday cycling – cycling at dusk is great!

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