Cycling before breakfast

Early morning cycle ride, in Hertfordshire

Early morning cycle ride, in Hertfordshire

I hope you might like this photograph, above.  I took it yesterday morning while I was out cycling before breakfast and I think it captures the “feel” of the ride.  Cycling before breakfast really is turning out to be simply the best time of day for cycling, especially on weekends or Bank Holidays.

Sometime before I have blogged about running at dawn and what a great experience it can be, so it’s a real delight it is turning out to be very similar in terms of cycling.  Here’s why:

  • the roads are often quieter, making cycling a more pleasurable experience
  • you’re more likely to get into a regular habit through doing something often early in the morning; I can certainly vouch for this applying to running and cycling
  • I feel more refreshed
  • I always seem to run and cycle better on an empty stomach and have breakfast when I get back home.  That works best as it is always a good idea to have some protein and antioxidants – this helps with recovery and mopping up free radicals
  • being out in the early morning is a wonderful way of setting myself up for the day.  Somehow things seem to go better especially if there are some challenges lying ahead.  It’s great for mulling things over, getting things in the right order
  • being the first to travel down a road, see the view etc can be a wonderful thing, a blessing and a real privilege
  • in the summer it can be wonderful making the effort to be out on the road at 4 or 5.00am.  Generally the cooler part of the day and lovely.  In winter, however, that can be a different story and one that I’m not so keen on!
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    I love this photo. Very atmospheric.

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