Cycle training in Luton


I was very pleased to read in the local paper about cycle training in Luton.  Luton Borough Council appear to be seeing the light and extending the Bikeability scheme until 2020.  This makes complete sense and they’ve done the right thing.

The intention is, according to the Luton Today article, is for 7000 children to receive the training over the next few years.  They are also appearing for people who might be interested in getting some instructor training where they should contact safer

Mind you, Luton seriously needs to do this.  Whenever I go through Luton, it always seems to be in heavy-going traffic.  Few cycle-friendly facilities, nothing compared to Malmö in Sweden which is the previous post do not help the situation.  Luton has many poverty related problems and these include excessive rates of obesity, diabetes and a relatively low life expectancy.

I have blogged about cycling rates in Luton before.  Let’s hope things really are improving as the 2012 figures were absolutely appalling.

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