Crickey – I’ve entered the Coast to Coast in a day

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 20.06.15Crikey I really have entered the Coast to Coast in a Day event.  Gulp.   Just handed over my £60.  I have never cycled 150 miles in a day before, let alone 150 hilly miles.

Even my friend Jeremy (who is like minded about this kind of thing) has no idea whether he can do it or not has entered the event and full of questions…. can we do it?  How do we manage the logistics?  He simply addresses  those things as “therein lies the fun”.  How frustrating!  I wish I could be as relaxed about it but nevertheless I have entered.

I think to myself, I can ride 50 miles in a day without any problems, so surely I ought to be able to double and then triple it?  Surely I won’t be the only 52 year old doing the event?

No doubt I will be blogging about the training and no doubt there will be times when I will need a bit of encouragement, so please be on hand to say nice things!

As for Rachel, my loving wife, she simply says “describing this as BONKERS does not come anywhere close enough”.  Having said that, she is totally supportive and wow, do I need that?  Yes, beyond all doubt.

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  1. Better than Bonkers? says:

    Perhaps a good group name would help with motivation? A 10,000 steps walking campaign at work has the following groups participating – The Red Hot Chilli Steppers, The Insane Bolts, The Blister Pack and Wrong Direction to name but a few. Are there any inspiring suggestions for your group out there?

  2. Chris says:

    Just break the ride down in to smaller chunks. You can do it, Doug. Just get the miles in. Oh, and pray for good weather 🙂

    • doug says:

      Thanks Chris, sound words.

      Nice to see Cycle Seven again and interested to see “Coast to Coast” features in your blog. I’ll come back and absorb that properly soon.

      Regards, Doug.

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