Coast to Coast checklist

Now I’m down to the last few days before the Coast to Coast its time to think about a checklist in getting all my bits and pieces together.


  • Needs a good clean, the Thorn Audax is normally a bit dirty.  As we are traveling by car and it’s going in the boot, I don’t want everything else getting grubby and oily.  Also I don’t want to be dirty putting it together at the start line.  In fact I can hear Robin (fellow C2Cer) tutting already – he’s the kind of cyclist who meticulously cleans his bike after almost every ride.
  • I will oil the chain as it’s a little squeaky
  • The tyre pressures will be checked – 100 psi is about right.  I plan to go over the tyres to make sure there’s nothing sharp and already embedded in the tyres i.e. a puncture about to happen
  • Remove rear pannier rack.  This will make my bike lighter and easier to pack into the boot.  No matter how practical it is for clipping pannier bags on and riding to work, it just isn’t what we need and it looks a bit naff.
  • Mark exactly where the seat post and handlebars go; these are being dismantled for the journey and I want to make sure they go back into the right place.
  • Tool kit – tyre levers, two spare tubes, 4/5mm allen keys, chain link, stick on patches – all wrapped up in a zip lock bag.
  • Pump
  • Water bottle, or perhaps two.
  • Energy gels
  • Tool kit for car – track pump, spare tyre, allen keys, tyre leavers


  • iPhone
  • Gamin (yes, a Garmin and more about this later.  A few mixed feelings i.e. this is brilliant, mixed with I think I’ll throw it into the sea))
  • External battery
  • Helmet light
  • Front frog light

All charged before leaving home.  Remembering to take necessary leads and plugs, plus a USB adapter for the car.


  • Gel mits but see my review on the Specialized gel mitts
  • Montaine jacket.  Again see my review and it’s not good.
  • Base layer
  • Short sleeved cycling top (well I have only one, better make sure it’s washed!)
  • Lycra shorts
  • Helmet
  • Socks
  • Sunglasses (for keeping flies out out of my eyes)


  • Photo ID apparently needed at registration; something to do with insurance
  • Sun block (yes, we all know we can get too much sun, even on cloudy days in mid summer)
  • Call hotel accommodation, just confirming all is well
  • Pack bags for whole family (support crew!)
  • Remind my other C2C friends of hotel accommodation
  • Gravel breakfast for Saturday morning (muesli with extra bits)
  • Coffee for Saturday breakfast

There’s bound to be something

I have forgotten…..

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  1. Adam Bell says:

    Re the tyres, it’s worthwhile deflating them completely, and then carefully working your way round them, using a very small bladed screwdriver, to prise out all bits of glass and flint. I tend to do this every couple of weeks or so, and it’s drastically reduced the number of punctures I get, as I think over time, if left in, those small bits work their way down into the inner tube.

    Good luck.

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