Church picnic 2014

Church picnic 2014

Church picnic 2014

Our church recently had another Church Picnic and amazingly it didn’t rain!  This is turning out to be a light-hearted joke going around as during the morning service the rain was beating against the windows and we were all feeling a bit apprehensive.  And then the final hymn was introduced, pointing out the line “we walk by faith and not by sight” which I think tested us all.  The pastor assured us the rain would ease…. and actually it did!

This time the venue was Ashridge, the lovely National Trust woodland over looking Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.  It’s a special place.

Perhaps around 150 people went this time, less than normal and mostly by car.  Normally quite a few of us cycle but for one reason or another there were only four of us time time.  Andrew and Harry got there first on their tandem, followed by myself and then another Andrew sometime later on.  I had thought I was going to arrive too early and therefore took two detours.  The latter detour was dropping down into Aldbury, turning around and then heading straight back up the hill and onto the picnic sight and helpful in building up an appetite!

Andrew's tandem

Andrew’s tandem

It was a pleasant time, although I didn’t stay too long this time.  Seeing Andrew’s tandem brought back memories when I had a go on it with Hannah (click here) at the same place.  This year all sorts of other people were having a go, laughing their socks off as is usually the case.  Also, I did get the opportunity to chat to Andrew and we swapped a few thoughts on the Coast to Coast and this proved a nice way of reminiscing about the epic (and crazy) ride in a day.

If ever I turned up for one of these picnics by car, people would be asking if I was alright, or perhaps whether something was wrong with my bicycle or some other reason for not cycling.  I think I would feel a little awkward if that was the case, having a reputation to live up to!  Anyway it’s a pleasant opportunity to spend time amongst some of our friends and food seems to increasingly be the common denominator.  Could a pattern be developing here?  Probably there is!

Nevertheless a delightful time but few cycled.  Perhaps next time…..

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