Changing the battery in a Cateye Strada wireless

Changing the battery in a wireless Cateye Strada is a fiddly task which normally needs doing about once a year.   Having said that, this is now the second time this year – either crap batteries from Wiggle or the effect of continuous sub zero conditions affecting the batteries.  In spite of the frequency, I can never remember how to do it without a little extra help.

Here’s a couple of useful hints before you start:

  1. Buy two CR2032 batteries
  2. Make a note of your total mileage and then you can re-enter this once the new battery is installed
  3. Replace the battery in the sender unit at the same time

These are two useful places to get the information you need:

  1. The Cateye website – click here for pdf
  2. You tube – click here – useful for visual people; lasts just over 10 minutes

Mind you, that’s all very well but I managed to get a freak speed reading a couple of days later.  For some unknown reason it briefly read 65.9mph.  I can assure I didn’t hit anywhere near that, especially if my wife ever reads this!  This has happened once before, must be a glitch in an otherwise useful cheap little cycle computer.



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5 Responses to Changing the battery in a Cateye Strada wireless

  1. T-Dubs Denver says:

    I have received freaky speed readings like that with this unit sometimes when waiting on a stoplight. Especially if standing near the electronics box that controls the light. Something in there messes with the magnetic sensor.

  2. scott says:

    Dude if your worried about battery talk the it sounds like you got the ball n chain. I have an older CATEYE and cant fiure out how to get battery out.

    • Phil Shea says:

      Yeah, me too. I have chewed up the cover to the point I think it is useless. So these are basically one-use batteries: you don’t buy a new battery, you buy a new sensor.

  3. Lynn says:

    I had the same problem with the battery cover on my sensor. Called Cateye and they sent me a brand new sensor with a new and improved battery cover. Guess they’ve been having problems with the plastic.

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