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Favourite run getting harder, much harder

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This is my favourite run which I had been planning to run at night time with my friend Jon, who unfortunately has gone down with the dreaded flu and consequently whimped out.  I decided to still go ahead with the … Continue reading

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Cyclists are nice people

My good friend Jon is a fantastic person to run with. We have enjoyed each other’s company on the handful of runs that we have done with each other.  We seem to agree on just about everything.  Everything, that is, … Continue reading

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Here we go again….

This could be a case of “here we go again”.  Yesterday my friend Jeremy and I were chatting outside our church and naturally we got around to cycling and sharing the joys of the 150 mile Coast to Coast with … Continue reading

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Cycling or running?

“Is cycling 150 miles harder than running a marathon?” This was the question posed to me by a couple of people recently.  It intrigued me how this same question, using almost words was put to me within the space of … Continue reading

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Cycling with a cold :o(

Can you believe it, it’s now June and I’ve got a cold?  In fact it’s been bugging me for a little over a week now.  This is not good news. It started with my youngest daughter picking some cold virus … Continue reading

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Maintaining mental health

There are times when I need a good thrash around on my bike or, like this morning, a nice run. I have blogged before about the benefits of running over cycling (a strange thing to say in a cycling blog?) … Continue reading

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More cycling in January

This last weekend gave me the opportunity to have a couple of cycle rides and once again cycling in January is turning out to be unexpectedly nice! Saturday I started in Luton, having dropped my daughter off and set off … Continue reading

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Times when only a run will do

This might seem strange for a cycling blog but this morning I needed a run, instead of a bike ride.  I set off for my familiar 7.3 mile run, which is a favourite of mine.  It involves pavements, hills, muddy … Continue reading

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Taking care of your feet

Everyone needs good feet – especially runners and cyclists.  It is so easy for any of us to take our feet for granted in spite of the punishment we give them.  Read any book about running and you’re bound to … Continue reading

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Running or cycling to lose weight?

Recently I was having a chat to someone I know, we’ll call him George in this post.  George is in his late 50’s and has had a weight problem for as long as I have known him, which must be … Continue reading

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Another quick high speed healthy living update

Trying to juggle family life with two children and a wife, a busy job, organising an electrician plus plumber, some running, some cycling, some blogging, writing a book, time to go “flop” in February all takes some doing.  But I … Continue reading

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Review – Healthspan Cod Liver Oil

Mention “cod liver oil” to some of my friends and they will remember spoonfuls being given by the school nurse.  Alternatively do you remember those awful bottles of malt and cod liver oil dispensed by your Mother?  Do you remember that taste? … Continue reading

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Surviving the winter months

Here in England I love the different seasons, right from the cosiness of the winter through to the balmy days of summer.  And yet I find my mood can drop during the winter months, especially if it drags on for … Continue reading

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Withdrawal symptoms

My apologies for not blogging very much lately.  I’ve missed you too.  It seems there is always so much to do these days at home, at work, wider family and church demands all squeezing my time.  Please don’t take that … Continue reading

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