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Favourite run getting harder, much harder

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This is my favourite run which I had been planning to run at night time with my friend Jon, who unfortunately has gone down with the dreaded flu and consequently whimped out.  I decided to still go ahead with the … Continue reading

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Maintaining mental health

There are times when I need a good thrash around on my bike or, like this morning, a nice run. I have blogged before about the benefits of running over cycling (a strange thing to say in a cycling blog?) … Continue reading

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Times when only a run will do

This might seem strange for a cycling blog but this morning I needed a run, instead of a bike ride.  I set off for my familiar 7.3 mile run, which is a favourite of mine.  It involves pavements, hills, muddy … Continue reading

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Does the “Cyclists’ High” really exist?

If you are a moderately serious runner, the chances are you will have experienced the Runner’s High or at the very least, you will have heard people like me drone on about it.  We can easily go on and on about how … Continue reading

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Withdrawal symptoms

My apologies for not blogging very much lately.  I’ve missed you too.  It seems there is always so much to do these days at home, at work, wider family and church demands all squeezing my time.  Please don’t take that … Continue reading

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Longing for those longer days

Early morning bike ride in Cumbria At breakfast time we were talking about the winter and how we had noticed the days were now starting to get a little bit longer.  That is really encouraging and it won’t be long … Continue reading

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Slobusfaticus again

I went to the gym again last night and the Slobusfaticus was there.  Perhaps he’s been reading my Ramblings as  he was drying himself with a towel instead of using a hairdryer.  Mind you, probably the safest thing to do … Continue reading

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