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More Strava art (and she said…..?)

Following on from a recent post about Strava Art, it seems there is much around and none nicer than this romantic piece of Strava art.  A few of my friends have pointed this kind of thing out to me recently … Continue reading

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New Strava route: New Forest

My friend Robin spotted this and I wondered if anyone can beat this for a fantastic Strava route?  Is it art?  Could be!  I wonder if anyone else has done anything like this? It is the design of cyclist David … Continue reading

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Cycle things to do in London?

I mentioned in the previous blog post I am looking out for something cycle related things to do in London soon.  Early in October I will be at a meeting in central London with time either side to amuse myself … Continue reading

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Cycling with Dee!

There are some Great Rides rides that are destined to stick in my mind for a long time.  For this year I have three so far.  Two of these I have blogged about already: my 137 mile ride from Bedfordshire … Continue reading

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Church picnic 2014

Our church recently had another Church Picnic and amazingly it didn’t rain!  This is turning out to be a light-hearted joke going around as during the morning service the rain was beating against the windows and we were all feeling … Continue reading

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Strangers with Coffee – review

I’d like you to meet Ivan and Susan Hewitt, the owners of the Strangers with Coffee speciality coffee shop in Wells, Somerset.  We came across this little gem when visiting Wells and to be honest, we were like a pair … Continue reading

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Young cyclists and endurance events – is it right?

A question recently cropped up about young people, including teenagers, as to whether they should be undertaking long endurance events?  This question is connected to the recent Coast to Coast in a Day sportive I did with some friends. To … Continue reading

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Retrospective Coast to Coast thoughts

Here’s a few things running through my mind right now: My friend Paul gave me a little reward for completing the C2C, as you can see above.  He was planning to enter the event but alas there was the need … Continue reading

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Reflections on being a Coast to Coast wife

These epic Coast to Coast bike rides are all very well but we mustn’t forget there’s often a wife or husband or partner, support crew, family and friends all involved as well.  Here are some reflections from our friend Sarah … Continue reading

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Kevin, RAF veteran, cyclist

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin, an RAF veteran, a cyclist and who is also a “gentleman of the road”, so to speak.  This occurred while my family attended the Big Church Day Out at Wiston Park, Steyning … Continue reading

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Slobusfaticus, now on a bike?

I recently came across a possible new breed of cyclist, though I’m sure readers will correct me if I am behind the times.  I have blogged about Slobusfacticus sometime before but that was a few years back when I was a … Continue reading

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The Bishop’s Blog

Sometimes I think I ought to be contributing more to the blogging community, so with this in mind I thought it’s worth giving Bishop Edward Condry and his Car Free Lent blog a mention.  It’s a nice gentle read, giving … Continue reading

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Which bicycle for Paul Scoins?

This is all about Paul Scoins and his quandary about which bicycle to get his hands on.  Paul is a gifted, articulate journalist for BBC local radio, with a slant on political news stories.  Describes himself as a “terrible cyclist” … Continue reading

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Luton CC Reliability 2014

Four of us from the Coast to Coast bunch decided to enter the Luton CC Reliability 2014 Challenge.  It turned out to be not quite how I expected it to!  But first, here’s an outline of the event itself.  There … Continue reading

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