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Update on running and cycling

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I thought it timely be useful to write a little update on running and cycling these days. Here goes… Cycling Right now my cycling tends to be mostly short local commutes and I’m quite enjoying this.  Normally I go to … Continue reading

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Adults who don’t cycle

A few days ago I had a meeting with someone through work.  To cut a long story short, we met at the Forest Centre, Marston Mortaine in Bedfordshire.  Lovely place. After we’d finished our discussions, I headed off to the … Continue reading

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Half full, or half empty?

Quite a few times recently I have been referred to as a “half full” person and I think that’s something I can take as a complement.   While being optimistic and hopeful, I believe this has some real tangible benefits … Continue reading

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Turning right at crossroad A505 to A5

This is about turning right at crossroads, particularly from the A505 West Street (viewed from camera) into the A5 High Street South (right in photo).  This might seem to be a straight forward thing, even on a bicycle but I … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast getting close!

Incredible, scary, daunting and exciting to think the Coast to Coast in a Day is getting so close.  Here’s an update of where I’m at and I’m doing this as a kind of selfie pep-talk, helping to work out what … Continue reading

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Jonah the man on the run and C2C chit chat

Stirring start with “How Great Thou Art” at church followed by a sermon all about Jonah, described as the man on the run.  And that, he certainly was.  This in turn was followed by catching up with a few of … Continue reading

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Cycling on ice….

My Continental Gatorskin and Four Season Grandprix tyres are pretty good but this afternoon I could have done with a bit more grip. While the temperature have been above freezing today, the frost which remained in the shade hadn’t melted … Continue reading

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UK cycling laws

My friend Jon helpfully sent me a link to this interesting little blog about UK cycling laws, see below for the link.  I love its simplicity! It usefully explains what the rule of law is in certain circumstances for cyclists. … Continue reading

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Travel Choices Dunstable

I have been meaning to tell you all about Travel Choices for ages.  Based in Dunstable and funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, the aim is broadly to help people to think a little differently about how they travel … Continue reading

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3 Exciting Ways to Stay Safe on Your Bike

If you don’t already cycle to work, the National Cycle to Work day could be a good time to start! The roads are open to cycle to work virgins on the 12th of September in a bid to reach the … Continue reading

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Top marks for Kara Dolman

  Earlier this week I was in London; lots of cyclists buzzing around as usual.  Picked up a freebee copy of the Evening Standard and there was a little article which entitled Why are drivers so impatient to kill cyclists?  Naturally that … Continue reading

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How to encourage a reluctant cyclist

Do you know how to encourage a reluctant cyclist?  Someone you’re trying to convince about the joys of cycling?  Someone who always says “did I ever mention how much I hate cycling?” or perhaps “if you EVER suggest we go … Continue reading

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Cycling alone, or in a group?

  Which do you prefer?  Riding your bike or maybe going with others?  By nature I tend to cycle (and run) on my own and I never yearn to have someone else alongside.  That’s not to say I don’t enjoy … Continue reading

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Active parents = active children?

Becky, my 13 year old daughter riding my bike! I know that my first responsibility is the well being of our two daughters – to provide, love, nurture and prepare them for making a good contribution to society when they … Continue reading

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