C2C training: the funniest ride!

Even before we left home, there was a flat tyre on Hannah’s bike.  I fixed it but not well enough, I didn’t put the patch in the right place!  Just 2 miles from home, the tyre was again flat and here we are fixing it.

I might need to work on her road safety skills (when on proper roads with cars etc.).  She’s quite a comic at times.

Here’s Hannah flaked out upon arriving at Grandma’s house, after 10 miles.  C2C is next week, not sure now how well we’ll manage!

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2 Responses to C2C training: the funniest ride!

  1. NoMoreKebabs says:

    I really shouldn’t read about C2C – it’s giving me crazy ideas! My furthest trip so far has been 34 miles so I really need to put in more bike hours before entertaining such thoughts.
    I will sit down and wait until I come to my senses. 🙂

    • Doug says:

      Sue if you can ride 34 miles you can do the C2C, sorry but you can, there’s no escaping. We did the shortest C2C from Silloth to Tynemouth in 3 days and so you can as well!

      Never mind C2C, we’re already thinking of a more challenging C2C (longer with more climbing)and over dinner this evening London to Paris got mentioned. Just as running a marathon is a goal for every runner, surely LEJOG must be a goal for every cyclist…..

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