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Bishop Edward's Car Free Lent Blog

Bishop Edward’s Car Free Lent Blog

Sometimes I think I ought to be contributing more to the blogging community, so with this in mind I thought it’s worth giving Bishop Edward Condry and his Car Free Lent blog a mention.  It’s a nice gentle read, giving a pleasant and useful insight into his role and how he goes about it.

This is presumably a short term blog about an Anglican Bishop giving up his car for Lent.  Instead of driving he’s getting around his rural patch by using public transport or travelling under his own steam i.e. walking or cycling.  Bishop Edward explains how many Christians observe Lent as a period of 40 days each year and go without something.  This recognises how Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness, without the creature comforts of the time and certainly having to live a meagre life.

It was a time, also, when Jesus was tempted and challenged by the Devil; of course we all know that Jesus was able to easily resist those temptations but we should never forget how real that was.  This is reflected in modern times when we can do without those luxuries, to have a period of denial with extra discipline in life.  It also serves as a reminder that we will all have daily temptations ourselves and there is nothing “wrong” with that as such.  The issue is when we give in to those temptations!

Bishop Edward also talks about the various duties on us as Christians: being reminded of climate change and the effect on the environment, how the (Anglican) church is committed to tackling climate change and the reasons for self discipline.  Now I should say that is very good, certainly valid.  He also talks about tacking injustice, poverty and addressing how we are wrecking our environment.  Once again, these are all worthy causes, in line with Christianity.  He also refers to God’s creation; again, spot on there.

While I could debate with the Anglican church for it not taking much notice of the Bible when it suits them, I do like Bishop Edward’s own slant when he says “There’s nothing like a good bike ride to get your thoughts straight, and the time on buses and trains will give me plenty of time to think and pray”.  I do like that.

So well done Bishop Edward!   Keep pedalling, preaching being true to the Word and encouraging others!

Here’s the link through to his blog:

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