Being 55

Being 55 I might be a little older and I’m certainly not sure about being wiser.

People who know me personally will already know that I live in a kind of denial as far as this middle age lark is concerned.  As much as I might resist it, I’m coming to terms with it as some of the tell-tale signs are now becoming undeniable.  As much as these are noticeable and do bother me a little, I’m determined to make the most of things and staying as healthy as I can.

Here’s 10 things I am noticing these days:

  1. Very easy to gain weight these days, metabolism is definitely slowing right down
  2. My hair has receded and becoming much thinner
  3. My eyesight has deteriorated very noticeably in recent years and there is a marked difference between my eyes
  4. My new job (now 12 months old) has taken me longer to settle into than I expected
  5. My eyebrows and the hairs in my nostrils are growing!!!!
  6. Noticeably stiff early in the mornings
  7. Blood pressure is creeping up
  8. I am thinking more about retirement and possibly reducing my hours at work as a step towards retirement
  9. If I watch TV in the evening, I generally end up “resting my eyes” on the sofa
  10. I feel the cold far more these days

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