Because it was there


Perfect day on Dunstable Downs

Perfect day on Dunstable Downs

It’s simply because it was there.  Could this be the best reason for going for a bike ride?  Let me explain….

On Monday I had a day’s annual leave from work.  I was at home and working through a list of domestic chores, mostly gardening related and around the house.  It was fantastic because it was such a warm sunny day and for lunch I decided on two things:

  1. I would have a healthy Compost sandwich.  Now I know you’ll be curious what would go into the lovingly named Compost sandwich.  It comprises of homemade bread, sprouted mung beans, tomatoes, cucumber, a spring onion and so on.  This is mega-healthy in every way and the sprouted mung seeds bring low fat proteins in abundance.  Less low fat was the mayonnaise binding it all together.
  2. I went for a bike ride, ending up on Dunstable Downs and found a nice spot to enjoy it.  That was splendid.  The English countryside at its best.

The point is, this was going for a bike ride purely for the joy of going for a bike ride.  It was not a training ride, not a calorie burning ride, not commuting, not going from A to B or anything like that.  Simply an “amble” in going for a nice leisurely ride, clocking up a few miles out in the beautiful countryside and taking time to enjoy the long grasses gently swaying in the breeze.  Simple.  Beautiful.  Enjoying the summer.  So worthwhile and simply because it was there.

This brings two questions:

  1. I wonder if those TdF cyclists ever do this?  As professional cyclists, are they so focussed on performing to their maximum ability they never have the opportunity to have a simple leisurely bike ride?  Or will they be sick of bikes once their training is done?
  2. What about you?  If you’re a keen cyclist, do you make time for this kind of leisurely ride?  Surely there must be a place for this kind of cycle ride?  How often?  Where to?  What’s the nicest ride you’ve done like that?
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  1. doug says:

    A comment received by email by one of my readers:

    Nice post Doug – and (belated) congratulations on your successful Coast 2 Coast ride – big respect to you and your fellow riders.

    Your post about just getting out on your bike and “enjoying” it struck a chord with me.

    And it reminded me of a letter to one of the bike “comics” I read last year. The rider wrote in about his experience when one day he forgot his Garmin computer – and actually found himself looking and observing all the countryside around him and not spending 50% of his time staring down at his handlebar stem mounted Garmin device and stressing about his stats.

    After his initial frustration at not being able to record and analyse his performance – he found his ride to be one of the most relaxing and satisfying outings – and it reminded him of how riding used to be as a youngster – pure and simple. That’s a spirit to be savoured!

    Cheers n gears !

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