Are these cycling withdrawal systems?

cycling in the autumn

cycling in the autumn

We’ve had a busy weekend and I’ve not cycled at all, so this is now seven full days without cycling and this is bad news for me.  Can’t see me cycling to work this week either as I’m needing my car for meetings in our different offices (up to Bedford this afternoon, somewhere in Cambridge tomorrow).

Yesterday evening I went out to the garage to polish some shoes, for the week ahead, and I found myself looking longingly at my bike.  There is was, propped up against a cupboard, looking a bit sad and neglected.  Even the Cateye had gone into ‘sleep’ mode.

So. With one thing and another it will probably be next weekend before I’m out on two wheels but I’m not too sure I can wait that long.  I can see I will be charging up my lights to have a blast around one evening especially as the weather is, for now, still pretty good.

My other possible signs of having withdrawal symptoms:

  • I’m going to London sometime early in October for a meeting (more about this another time) and I can’t help I ought to do something cycling related either side of the meeting (I have loads of Flexi time in the bank to cater for this)
  • Yesterday I spotted a cycle event taking place while we were in the car and I couldn’t help saying to myself “luck so-and-so, I wish I could join them, wonder where they’re heading”
  • My blog stats have started to ease off a little.  It goes like that from time to time and then shoots back up for no obvious reason.  I have quite a few things in my mind to blog about and I can’t stop thinking about these things sometimes!
  • I have had so many fantastic rides at this time of year before
  • My friend Wallie and I ought to be agreeing a date soon for our Autumn Cotswolds day ride (a bit of a tradition for us)
  • And yes, as mentioned, I found myself longingly looking at my bike in the garage….
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