Aldi winter cycling range 2015

I have just received a selection of the Aldi winter cycling range, for reviewing ahead of the launch on Thursday 24th September.  As usual it will appear in the Aldi shops for a limited time and selling will almost certainly be brisk in each of their stores.  As they say “when it’s gone, it’s gone”.

I have blogged before about their cycling range and commented on how savvy cyclists everywhere have invested in their gear.  It is quite common to see cyclists on upmarket bicycles (costing £2000 plus) using Aldi cycle clothing and this is quite an achievement.  This year the range includes some familiar items which have been updated plus some new additions in their growing range.  There are a handful of Pro-Cycling products which are a little more upmarket and will be welcomed by the more enthusiastic all-weather cyclist.  The main range covers a decent range of clothing with some accessories. Here’s a few specifics:

Cycling jersey
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 06.52.11This costs £9.99 and is a bargain.  At this price there is nothing to dislike about it.  It has the usual features of being made from a technical fabric which has the lightest of linings and good for cooler days.

I was supplied with a medium size and found there was a little room to spare.  Now that’s not because I have lost weight or anything like that, it’s just that it allows for some layering underneath (I could happily have one or two layers underneath before it became too snug).  The fit is good with longer arms and a “tail” at the back.

The pockets across the back are nice and deep and helpfully there is a zipped pocket which is useful for those oh-so-important items such as house keys and smart phones.  I liked seeing some reflective details, good for dark nights.

Performance bib tights
At £29.99 this is another good deal and I was keen to have a detailed look.  I have been quite impressed with the Aldi performance tights before and was interested to see how the bib version compared.  In previous years some reviewers, myself included, have said the internal pad was in the wrong place and too far forward.  This year I think they’ve improved on this and the pad seems in a better position.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 06.50.00

Now can I make a slightly delicate point here, perhaps one that could easily get glossed over.  Some cyclists like the idea of trying bib tights as they hear they are more comfortable than shorts with an elasticated waist.  The problem is having a pee on the side of the road!  Do you stop and almost completely undress or just grin and bear it?  Aldi have solved this problem by adding a zip and by a little unzipping and wriggling the problem is solved.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Other features include the use of “Wind-Guard” fabric on the front leg panels and I have found these to be effective in horrible grotty winter conditions.  It does a good job in protecting against rain water and wind.    The braces are made of a lighter mesh type material which is comfortable, nice and stretchy and doesn’t lead to any over-heating.

Other things

Aldi have kindly sent me a number of other items which also look very promising and I will blog about these soon.  These include bright yellow arm warmers made from Lycra (as I’m also a runner these will get plenty of use!) and some blend-in leg warmers, also made from Lycra.  Both have some reflective details and seem thoughtfully designed and well made for the £7.99 price tag.

There are some electrolyte tablets which are dissolvable and cost £2.99.  If you’re anything like me and get cramp from time to time, these might help and certainly worth a try.  Just in time for me was some Muc-Off chain cleaner, which is also good for the entire transmission and any other parts which get grimey and dirty.

I also see from the Aldi website they have added a turbo trainer at £49.99 and a Garmin Edge 500 for £79.99.  While these aren’t top of the range, they are very good value and will appeal to many a cyclist.  Perhaps the item I was secretly hoping Aldi would send me was some of their Merino wool base layer clothing.  I should say, however, I graciously accept what they did send!  They do tops and socks and before I have been impressed with this naturally breathable, soft fabric which is at a rock bottom price.  Hey-ho, I might just have to go and buy some!



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  1. They DID send you a merino wool baselayer last time – it ‘somehow’ made it into my wardrobe … and I’m not sure it will get back to yours!

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