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Following on from my recent and advance review of Aldi’s pro winter cycling clothing range, here’s a little review of the Aldi Pro cycling trousers being released on 25th September.  It might be worth you taking a look at the clothing in this range that I have reviewed already (see link at the bottom of this post).


Alsi has a pro range of cycle clothing being released on 25th September and available, normally, for a short period of time, before some different range of merchandise replaces it.  These trousers are made to the same standards as the previous items reviewed and have potential to last a long time

It’s a case of “any colour you want, so long as it’s black” and therefore fits well with their jacket.  Most of the fabric is a soft, breathable fabric which is smooth on the outside and slightly brushed on the inside – this lends it to be fairly warm.  It has a water resistant finish over the vulnerable areas which worked well on last year’s version (right throughout the winter) and this appears just as good.

There is a zip at the ankle to make it easy to get these on and then to close up to be nice and snug.  Also helping is a gripper tape at the hem which works fine.

Adding to the finishing, there are a few reflective strips here and there but none of these are large.

For this year the seat padding has changed.  The box gives useful information about the seat pad being “Coolmax seat pad specially treated with antibacterial silver ions”. The pad consists of a bright green insert with six padded shapes, designed to sit between you and the saddle.  This is partly a problem in my view with the positioning being too far forward (and I recall other reviewers saying the same about last year’s model).  If you ride a bike which is more upright, such as a town bike or a hybrid or some ATBs, you might find the positioning is okay.

Likewise I would have preferred a slightly higher waist in the interests of staying comfortable when leaning over on the handlebars.  Having said that, some may find this to be absolutely fine and without any problem at all.

In use

Having said all that these are nice for the winter; I wouldn’t need anything warmer and the water resistance works without any sweatiness inside, suggesting the breathability works well.  I don’t mind splashing my way through puddles with these.  Last year’s model seemed very durable and there’s nothing to suggest these will be any different.

They are nice and warm without becoming hot and sweaty – a good balance here.

There are no pockets at all.  This is not the end of the world at all but I think its worth having a small pocket for a key / money / phone but I guess there’s a good chance other clothing you’d be wearing would provide a pocket or two.

Price wise, they’re cheap!  Only £19.99.


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