Aldi cycling clothing – why I’m a convert


Aldi's colourful cycling section

Aldi’s colourful cycling section

What’s your view of the budget priced Aldi supermarket?  Is it just for people who can’t afford to shop at Waitrose or M&S?  Is it for people living in deprived areas where poverty looms along with all the usual social problems?  Or is it for the savvy shopper with keen eye for a bargain, or for cyclists who aren’t snobs about their clothing?

One of my friends reminded me it’s not a bad idea to check out Aldi’s current range of cycling gear.  He suggested there’s no point in spending £80 on each piece of cycling-specific clothing if £20 will get you something as good, or pretty near as good.  Point well made and I decided to take a look in the local Aldi (and we even invested in some more clothing!)…..

  • I got a pair of winter cycling trousers for under £20.  They’re more like tights than trousers but let’s not get hung up on that.  They are excellent.  Thoughtful design with water resistant panels where you need it (tops of legs and shins), followed by a more stretchy Lycra-type material which is more breathable.  You get a few bits of highly reflective details and zips at the ankles.  The padded seat is a bit weird to start with but settles into place sooner or later.  Pretty good all in all.
  • Rachel bought me some leg warmers for, we think, under £10.  These are useful for extending your shorts when it’s cold and then peeling them off when warmer conditions arrive.  Ideal for early starts and useful if you don’t want to get arrested for undressing and redressing on the side of the road.  Again, pretty good from Aldi.
  • Friends that have cycling jackets (see photo above) all report pleasure with their bargains and enjoy being thrifty.
  • You need to grab these things when you can.  They’re not stocked all the time.
  • While you can try on jackets etc (well, I did) you can’t really stand there in the shop trying on shorts etc.  Well, I wouldn’t…..

There is something nice about grabbing a bargain which works.  You can enjoy a certain smugness.  That’s nice.

One of the other nice things about this range is that it isn’t pretending to be top-of-the-range exquisite kit.  It is clearly at the “value” end of the range and yet it’s still very respectable.  So don’t be afraid to pop in when you’re next passing on your carbon fibre dream machine – you might have a pleasant surprise.

To checkout the Aldi website – click here

Let me know if you agree / disagree!

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7 Responses to Aldi cycling clothing – why I’m a convert

  1. doug says:

    A comment emailed by a blog visitor:

    Hi Doug

    I couldn’t agree more !

    My father alerted me to a flash sale of cycling gear at his local Aldi – and although a little wary I did pop down to take a look – and am glad I did.

    It was some 7 years ago and I bought a couple of under layer cycle specific vests with extra wind proof area on the fronts. Fantastic warm protection and very good wicking capabilities.
    And more to the point still as good as new as when I bought them all those years ago – after lots and lots of wear and washes.

    I just wish I could say the same for my 4 times more expensive Rapha long sleeved under layer vest – that although looking “cool” – actually is just that ! – COOL !
    And nothing like the windproof and wicking quality as the Aldi brands – not half as much protection or warmth. And neither robust and as good after just 1 year’s wearing and washing.

    I understand my Aldi cycle clothing brands came from Germany – and were heavily discounted in price. They sell over there as mid range and real quality items – and that is exactly what they are.
    It’s only in the UK that we have been made to believe the hype and stigma that Waitrose, M&S and other “premium” brands peddle ! (sorry about the pun !)

    Best regards, Martin

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  4. cj says:

    Hi. I’ve just tried out the crane mtb jacket. Its labelled as breathable but unfortunately it isn’t. I had sweat dripping down the inside of the arms even on a cool day. I am going to take it back. Shame as all their other gear is excellent value.

    • doug says:

      Hi CJ
      Sorry to hear that. On the whole their cycle gear is pretty good, especially for the price but I reckon top end breathability is not exactly cheap. Certainly hope they give you a refund!
      I recently reviewed a dhb jacket costing £64.99 and although it is extremely well made, completely waterproof and has some nice features, it isn’t as breathable as it could be. Still worth considering?
      Hope that helps,

      • cj says:

        Thanks for the advice Doug, I’ve realised now that I may need to stump up a bit more cash! Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out

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