9th Rule of Saturday Cycling – Cycling at dusk is great!

IMG_0473The latest Rule of Saturday Cycling is indeed Cycling at Dusk is great – even in December!

In our family we often make lists of things to do, especially on Saturdays which tend to be fairly busy days.  Although I really like Saturdays it can sometimes be a challenge to squeeze in a bike ride or a run and this time I didn’t manage to start cycling until dusk.

“I won’t be long” as I set off, thinking I might just do a mile or two, just as a token bike ride.  Starting off was chilly and the dew was already forming on cars under the clear skies.  Somehow I thought I’d be short changing myself if the ride was too short and so I decided to go on one of my running routes.

On my way back I stopped on the top of Dunstable Downs and as usual the view was stunning.  The sun had already dipped below the horizon and the lights of Leighton Buzzard and various villages.

With next year’s Coast to Coast challenge I need to keep pedalling away.  Besides, no bike ride is complete without huffing and puffing my way up a hill.  Somehow, each time I cycle, I can feel my cycling muscles are getting a little stronger each time.  Just as well really, what with the 150 mile challenge next year.  As I have said before, I can probably handle the 150 miles but its the 4,500 feet of climbing which is spooking me a little more nowadays.

The other thing that’s starting to occur to me is that its only about six months away.  So far it has been so say to think of it as being “next yea” which is a code for being “way into the future, next year is a long way off”.  Next June is only six months away.  Gulp.  I try to console myself…. which is harder – running a marathon or cycling 150 miles?  I remember when I was supposedly truing for my marathon, I was not only behind with my training but I managed to get a dose of ‘flu which meant my running shoes were unused for two weeks.  When I restarted my training my legs felt like jelly and a 10 minute run seemed quite a challenge.  As it happens, it came together okay and I had a good time (which I am am still astonished at).

So, what will the training be like this time?  Will I manage to build my endurance, muscles and stamina up?  Will I ever get the time to do enough training?  Of course, I don’t know.  This is a new challenge for me and it’s quite a journey which I am already enjoying, even though its only just starting.

As for cycling at dusk….

it can be a lovely time.  Sometimes runs and cycle rides can turn out to be completely different to how you expect them to be.  I like that.  And although I didn’t see the sunset, the last bit of light in the sky was simply stunning, uplifting and almost magical.


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