Bumper stickers – cool or naff?

bumper stickers - good or bad?

bumper stickers – cool or naff?


Bumper stickers – cool or naff? I sometimes see this car in our neighbourhood and it’s quite eye catching with these bumper stickers.  Often I wonder who’s car it could be, what is he or she like?

I guess the car owner is sporty.  As it is a Honda, probably someone who likes straightforward reliability and function, with a bit of thriftiness and a little style thrown in.  And then I thought further about displaying all these bumper stickers – is it cool or naff?

A few thoughts of what might be going on here:

  • “Hey look at me everyone! I’ve done 183.4, 131.0, 26.2 and so on….”
  • “I’m a show off, these are like my medals for everyone to see”


  • Looking to fill other parts of the bumper with stickers from events yet to come
  • A way of reminding yourself about your achievements, of which you can be rightly proud
  • A better way of being defined and identified, instead of being stereotyped by the kind of car being driven.  This for me is the most important reason and the one which would have me slapping one of these bumper stickers on my car.

So have I done it?  Do I have any stickers on the back of my car?  No, I don’t.  Perhaps I’m being bit too conservative and blending in more than I should.  Food for thought.

Any comments?  Bumper stickers – cool or naff?

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