3 Exciting Ways to Stay Safe on Your Bike

If you don’t already cycle to work, the National Cycle to Work day could be a good time to start! The roads are open to cycle to work virgins on the 12th of September in a bid to reach the target of getting 1 million cycling commuters by 2021.

1 million, you may think, is quite a daunting number of cyclists on the road, and with the increasing number of cycling claims National Accident Helpline has seen each year, you can only expect the trend to continue.

Cycling to work is not only the healthiest travel option, the most eco-friendly and the most versatile, it is also arguably the most dangerous. Cyclists are the least visible vehicle on the road and staying safe with this snowballing number of bicycles on the road can be difficult. Alongside the usual tips to stay safe, here are a few more interesting ways to keep upright and get to work in one piece:

  • Take a different route – plan out a quieter and much more scenic route with less traffic. What’s 5 minutes longer on your journey if your course is more enjoyable?
  • Invest in some exciting bicycle lights – Lights and reflective gear are always recommended, so why not extend bicycle fashion, you will then be even more visible to motorists.
  • Organise a group cycle to work – Big groups of cyclists are a lot more visible, and if you know who you’re with, you will be aware of their presence on the road.


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