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Installing Shimano Ultegra shifters

At the kayaking club, I remember Beth saying before she was putting a bike together for a triathlon in the pipeline.  This is the kind of thing some kayakers do.  Excellent stuff and I have blogged before about kayakers having … Continue reading

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Review – Olixar universal bike phone mount

I toyed with getting one of these a while back but I wasn’t convinced it would hold my iPhone securely enough.  So getting the chance to test out and review a sample seemed a good (but cautious) step to take. … Continue reading

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Runners & cyclists – are we rude?

This is a slightly refreshed article from four years ago: now the nice weather has finally arrived and more cyclists and runners are hitting the roads, I find this question has risen again: runners and cyclists, are we rude? Whenever … Continue reading

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How many bikes are sold in the UK?

How many bikes are sold in the UK each year?  More than cars?  Less than cars? The graph shows the number of bikes sold, year by year, and I find this astonishing and delighted to see this is higher than … Continue reading

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Cyclists are nice people

My good friend Jon is a fantastic person to run with. We have enjoyed each other’s company on the handful of runs that we have done with each other.  We seem to agree on just about everything.  Everything, that is, … Continue reading

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