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Dear Harry

Dear Harry, Many thanks for giving your old bicycle to Hannah and myself.  We appreciated you thinking of us and we were certainly interested in a winter restoration project. Unfortunately things have not gone to plan.  As you know you … Continue reading

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Why I hate my Garmin

Yesterday my friend Wallie and I met for our regular Autumn bike ride in the Cotswolds; we’ve done this for several years now.  We quite often faff around with a map, which sometimes flaps in the wind and so this … Continue reading

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Best touring bike, ever!

This could be the best touring bike, ever.   Why?  Because it has been used for touring, real touring.  It fills my mind with good memories and I’m so pleased I took those steps and went touring on it, Technically, … Continue reading

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Cycling is therapeutic?

Is cycling therapeutic?  That’s a good question to ask and it largely depends on the kind of “therapy” being sought and will inevitably vary from person to person.  Yesterday I had a cycle ride, 26 miles, which I found to be … Continue reading

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To turbo or not, that is the question

Guest blog: below my friends Barry and Angela reflect on their experiences having borrowed my turbo trainer: With winter approaching the number of times we will be commuting to work will be tailing off, particularly for Angela, and the thoughts turned to … Continue reading

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More Strava art (and she said…..?)

Following on from a recent post about Strava Art, it seems there is much around and none nicer than this romantic piece of Strava art.  A few of my friends have pointed this kind of thing out to me recently … Continue reading

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