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Coast to Coast group ride

“Let’s break some speed limits” I can tell you Jeremy’s motivational words about breaking speed limits came after about 20 miles.  Yes, 20 miles and this was not brilliant timing, I thought.  It came when I was flagging on the … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast checklist

Now I’m down to the last few days before the Coast to Coast its time to think about a checklist in getting all my bits and pieces together. Bike Needs a good clean, the Thorn Audax is normally a bit … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast pacing

I sent to tweet out about this aid to Coast to Coast pacing which caused a bit of discussion so for the benefit of my cycling pals (and other readers) here’s a little more detail. Thanks first of all go … Continue reading

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Cycling shorts, MAMILS and so on….

Cycling shorts and why I think we are all wrong….. Cycling shorts and especially the MAMIL variety are always a bit of a tricky area.  Jokes and general alarm are abound concerning fat middle aged men, who should know better, … Continue reading

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A long training ride

Last week I had a fantastic long training ride, counting as a Great Ride and all the way from Dunstable in Central Bedfordshire to Weston-Super-Mare in North Somerset. Ride in Numbers: Distance: 137 miles Moving time: 9 hours, 02 minutes … Continue reading

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Cycling with a cold :o(

Can you believe it, it’s now June and I’ve got a cold?  In fact it’s been bugging me for a little over a week now.  This is not good news. It started with my youngest daughter picking some cold virus … Continue reading

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