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Turning right at crossroad A505 to A5

This is about turning right at crossroads, particularly from the A505 West Street (viewed from camera) into the A5 High Street South (right in photo).  This might seem to be a straight forward thing, even on a bicycle but I … Continue reading

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Kevin, RAF veteran, cyclist

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin, an RAF veteran, a cyclist and who is also a “gentleman of the road”, so to speak.  This occurred while my family attended the Big Church Day Out at Wiston Park, Steyning … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast getting close!

Incredible, scary, daunting and exciting to think the Coast to Coast in a Day is getting so close.  Here’s an update of where I’m at and I’m doing this as a kind of selfie pep-talk, helping to work out what … Continue reading

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Halfords in trouble? Support your Local Bike Shop

Halfords in trouble?  Why not support you Local Bike Shop (LBS)?  There is yet another reason to support your Local Bike Shop (LBS) in the light of Halfords finding themselves in a spot of controversy…. Halfords have always had difficulty … Continue reading

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Grab some discounts on dhb

 For sometime now I have quite liked dhb cycle clothing as it combines good quality and design with value for money.  Their range stocked by Wiggle has grown to become one of the widest around anywhere. You can read more … Continue reading

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Quick review – Whyte Suffolk

Here’s a quick real-life review of the Whyte Suffolk, 2014 model, as owned by cycling friend Barry who has a naturally brisk pace.  It is a decent, mid-priced bicycle that could be described as an all-rounder, a practical, sensible machine. … Continue reading

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Luton Dunstable Busway Wish List

The Luton Dunstable Busway with its cycle track has now settled down and the surface has improved.  I see it as a really positive feature of our town and it certainly brings alternative transport options.  However, it’s not perfect and … Continue reading

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Why I’m teetotal

Please bear with me in a brief departure from the usual running and cycling posts.  A few years ago I posted the article below on one of my other blogs and it’s something I feel strongly about. It is related to … Continue reading

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Chiltern 100 aka Jeremy’s magical mystery tour

Yesterday’s ride was mapped out by my friend Jeremy who kindly leant me his Garmin to play with.  It was based on the Chiltern 100 route but had a few adaptations, making it 113 miles. One word that sums it … Continue reading

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Women’s tour, amazing clouds and meeting Mr Garmin

Quite a funny mixed up day as far as cycling was concerned!  The cycling today was a straightforward commute to work, taking in the Luton Dunstable busway cycle track, NCN6, pretty Hertfordshire lanes and some other features.  Round trip of … Continue reading

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I have to remind myself….

I have to remind myself that every run or cycle ride is of benefit, whether it is enjoyable or not.  Not every cycle ride can be a “great ride” and be memorable for glorious whether, fantastic downhill blasts and a … Continue reading

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Daydreaming and cycling

This post is all about daydreaming and cycling.  Daydreaming and cycling are both very beneficial things for me to do, especially a couple of days ago when I had the opportunity to have another all-day ride.  In brief I clocked … Continue reading

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Slobusfaticus, now on a bike?

I recently came across a possible new breed of cyclist, though I’m sure readers will correct me if I am behind the times.  I have blogged about Slobusfacticus sometime before but that was a few years back when I was a … Continue reading

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Brooks Limited Edition Swallow

I came across the interesting, timeless and curious Brooks Swallow saddle, produced as a limited edition.  In the case of the photograph below, this is one of the 2007 models where just 999 were made. Alternative colours have also been … Continue reading

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