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Aldi 2014 cycle clothing

  I was hoping to bring you a review of Aldi’s 2014 spring range of cycle clothing but this is looking less unlikely now.  Following last year’s genuinely positive review, the plan was that they’d send some samples but alas … Continue reading

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Jonah the man on the run and C2C chit chat

Stirring start with “How Great Thou Art” at church followed by a sermon all about Jonah, described as the man on the run.  And that, he certainly was.  This in turn was followed by catching up with a few of … Continue reading

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Solving leg cramps

This is all about my need in solving leg cramps. Some of my friends who I occasionally cycle with will know I am prone to getting cramp in my feet and legs.  My wife knows how I sometimes leap out … Continue reading

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Latest Coast to Coast training ride

On my latest Coast to Coast training ride I passed through the very pretty village of Cuddington in Buckinghamshire, Bucks for short.  Apparently it has won the Best Kept Village award for the county several times.  That is all very … Continue reading

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Cycling before breakfast

I hope you might like this photograph, above.  I took it yesterday morning while I was out cycling before breakfast and I think it captures the “feel” of the ride.  Cycling before breakfast really is turning out to be simply … Continue reading

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Has the top of Bison Hill moved?

Recently I had two bike rides, one before breakfast and a longer one in the afternoon.  Fab.  Both were fab in fact.  Fab for different reasons.  I just want to reflect on some of the highs and lows of my … Continue reading

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Guest blog: John’s view of the Busway cycle track

My friend John nicely surprised me by sending me a ready made guest blog, completely out of the blue.  John is a regular user of the Luton Dunstable guided Busway as a bus passenger as he commutes to work each … Continue reading

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Maintaining mental health

There are times when I need a good thrash around on my bike or, like this morning, a nice run. I have blogged before about the benefits of running over cycling (a strange thing to say in a cycling blog?) … Continue reading

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Guest blog: Bike thefts days could be numbered

Patrick Colquhoun wrote in 1796 in A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis “deprive a thief of a safe and ready market for his goods, and he is undone”, this simple quote seems like a fairly simple idea but … Continue reading

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Luton Dunstable Busway: latest thoughts

Bus mirror warning? My friend Jeremy recently said his head had a close shave.  Now he’s a close-cropped chap at the best of times but he was referring to the rear view mirrors on the buses passing him so quickly … Continue reading

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