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Tale of the stolen bamboo bike

I have blogged before about alternative bicycle frame materials, including bamboo.  No surprise then this recent story caught my eye.  Here’s Hugh Allman, a cyclist in East London who had made his unique frame himself and was understandably distressed when … Continue reading

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More cycling in January

This last weekend gave me the opportunity to have a couple of cycle rides and once again cycling in January is turning out to be unexpectedly nice! Saturday I started in Luton, having dropped my daughter off and set off … Continue reading

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The LBS view of Sram HydroR brakes, recall, life and everything

Not so long ago I got into a conversation about Sram’s hydraulic brakes (the HydroR on road bikes) and their recall; this is one of the nice things in having a good rapport with the LBS. I was asking what … Continue reading

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Turbo training torture

My Coast to Coast friend Paul used me as a guinea pig last week.  This adds a different dimension to the turbo training torture which I am still trying to “enjoy”. As you may have already gathered, I loathe my … Continue reading

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Why health check ups are important

Following my visit to the Dentist, I have been to the Doctors for a bit of an MOT i.e. a health check up.  This apparently is worthwhile for those of us who have passed 40 or 50. It is an … Continue reading

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Cycling in January

Cycling in the month of January can be a bit “variable” for me and I dare say many other cyclists as well.  In January 2013 I don’t think I cycled at all because the weather was so awful and yet … Continue reading

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Globetrotting? Try Globe-cycling

A big welcome to my latest guest blogger Juliana Weiss-Roessler from the US with her thoughts on globe-cycling.  It’s a worthwhile read! Mountain climber George Mallory once famously told a reporter that the reason he wanted to climb Mount Everest was … Continue reading

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My Dentist is also a Cyclist!

Just found out my very nice dentist is also a cyclist!  Knowing a little more of Mr LeRoux’s journey adds an extra dimension to visiting the dentist, even if it means a bit of a one-sided conversation.  This is how … Continue reading

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Luton Dunstable Busway – latest news

I’m really pleased – Busway news!  I just got home from work and an email from my contact in Luton Borough Council was telling me some welcome news.  Without further ado here it is: Following site audits and survey, the … Continue reading

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Go Hard Or Go Home

Last night I stumbled across the Channel 5 programme “Go Hard Or Go Home” presented by the very watchable Hannah White.  I hardly ever watch TV and missed the start but still absolutely loved it! Hannah took a bunch of … Continue reading

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Managing turbo training boredom

It is all very well having a nice Tacx piece of kit but actually using it is an issue, along with managing the turbo training boredom.  For the 15 months since I’ve had it, it has mostly sat unloved in … Continue reading

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“Mind the puddle, matey”

  In England we’ve had quite a bit of rain lately, although locally we have been spared from too much of the misery some have had to deal with.  Unexpectedly I had my fair share on my bicycle ride yesterday. … Continue reading

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Dilemma, dilemma

  Dilemma, dilemma.  I’m not sure what to do on Saturday.  In an ideal world I’d be able to achieve everything but I know I won’t.  The weather looks pretty good for this time of year.  On my list of … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast chit chat

Last night was great – my Coast to Coast friends came around for a bit of team talk, chit chat and home made Go-Faster Anzac biscuits.  We were discussing the practicalities of how to get us all to the start … Continue reading

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