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Getting to grips with my affiliate links

Hey I know this isn’t too professional but I’m practising getting to grips with using affiliate links to Evans.  My Coast to Coast fellow cyclist Josh helped show me what to do.  As it happens it looks Evans have some … Continue reading

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Times when only a run will do

This might seem strange for a cycling blog but this morning I needed a run, instead of a bike ride.  I set off for my familiar 7.3 mile run, which is a favourite of mine.  It involves pavements, hills, muddy … Continue reading

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Cycling on ice….

My Continental Gatorskin and Four Season Grandprix tyres are pretty good but this afternoon I could have done with a bit more grip. While the temperature have been above freezing today, the frost which remained in the shade hadn’t melted … Continue reading

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Another icy bicycle ride

For today’s Christmas bicycle ride I set off just before dawn.  Being a townie I underestimated how cold it really was outside and more specifically how icy the roads were.  It was okay for the first few miles to Markyate … Continue reading

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Cycling at Christmas

Christmas is of course a very special time of year.  As this is a blog about cycling, it follows I have been making the most of the holiday and grabbing a bike ride in between entertaining and mince pies.  While … Continue reading

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11th Rule of Saturday Cycling – If you’re going through hell, keep going!

My 11th Rule of Saturday Cycling is a quote from Winston Churchill – “if you’re going through hell, keep going!”.  This ran through my mind as I went out for this afternoon’s bike ride. The weather has been a good … Continue reading

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Cycling rates in Luton

I came across this graph and fellow blogger Tejvan Pettinger kindly agreed to me using it.  It shows the wide variation of people who cycle in various towns and cities in England.  To be honest, I wasn’t surprised to see … Continue reading

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Review – Abus Combiflex 202 cable bike lock

There is a bewildering choice of locks on the market each with their own advantages, or disadvantages.  Some of these are seriously secure and seriously bulky, heavy and awkward – and just what any weight conscious roadie doesn’t need.   … Continue reading

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Cycling uphill – sit down or stand on pedals?

Coast to Coast team mate Phil and I went for a ride yesterday afternoon which included tackling Bison Hill twice.  This has led to a debate about standing up on the pedals or staying sitting down when cycling up a … Continue reading

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10th Rule of Saturday Cycling – Be at one with your bike, man

Sometimes it all just comes together and you’re at one with the bike.  This Saturday was one of those times.  It is when you feel “at one” with the bike – no longer sitting on a collection of odd man … Continue reading

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Repairing bicycle punctures

Repairing bicycle punctures is a pain.  On average I get a puncture every 1000 miles, far too often.  Last week I think my 1000 miles were up as I managed to pick up a puncture as I was cycling to … Continue reading

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Thorn Audax Mk3 5000 mile review

Earlier this year I clocked up 5000 miles on the Thorn Audax and that’s time to review my investment in cycling. In brief, the Thorn Audax is a fairly traditional steel frame bicycle, aimed at cyclists who are looking to … Continue reading

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Reply from Luton Borough Council re Busway

Some readers might know I had written to Luton Borough Council asking about future developments of the Busway cycle path.  After a little delay I am pleased to get a response, which appears helpful. I had asked about the surface … Continue reading

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9th Rule of Saturday Cycling – Cycling at dusk is great!

The latest Rule of Saturday Cycling is indeed Cycling at Dusk is great – even in December! In our family we often make lists of things to do, especially on Saturdays which tend to be fairly busy days.  Although I … Continue reading

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