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Cycling up Bison Hill, Bedfordshire

  Last time I tackled this hill was in the company of my friend Jeremy.  On that occasion he had no difficulty in leaving me behind as he stomped his way up Bison Hill, occasionally looking back to make sure … Continue reading

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Why [some] people hate cyclists

I recently blogged about my friend Jon (here) who amongst other things I described as a “good egg”.  You might generally assume this is a complementary term.  He’s a runner and also has his own blog Cobbies Collective Contemplations where … Continue reading

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Cycling to work – sweat, grit and bumble bees

Here’s a few highlights of yesterday’s 43 mile round trip to work: This has to be the best possible weather – hot, sunny and still.  Rachel, meanwhile, is wilting a bit in this glorious weather; Didn’t get that possible downpour … Continue reading

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Frank Bars

  We have just completed a review of these interesting snack bars, which included our super picky, dubious and questioning eldest teenage daughter.  We talk about the company, their range of flavours, whether they are excellent or absolute garbage and … Continue reading

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Cycling and muscle cramps

“Flippin’ heck this is bad news” I thought as yet again I got cramp in my right foot while I was cycling to work yesterday.  What made it even worse was my left foot followed a few seconds later in … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of cycling Coast to Coast

You might have seen I am toying with the idea of doing the C2C in 2014.  That is the 150 mile route involving 4,500ft of ascend / descending.  It seems a terribly daunting thing to do but I can’t put … Continue reading

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“Not the best start…..” update

Okay you will already know from the previous post that I have been in need of a new rim, following last weekend’s “mishap”.  So I collected my repaired bike from our LBS and was delighted with the price tag.  All … Continue reading

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