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Is being vegan healthy?

Rachel, Annabelle and Steve Vegetarians and vegans are people who have plant based diets; they don’t eat animal meat.  Vegans go further by completely avoiding any animal products which includes wool, honey, eggs, milk etc.  So, is being a vegan … Continue reading

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Key questions about being a Vegan

Combination of tomatoes and avocados is very healthy What are vegans? Vegans are people who only eat plant based food.  That means no meat (animal or fish), no eggs, dairy products, no honey. Do vegans wear woolly jumpers? No, they … Continue reading

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New year update

Quite a lot going on in the Rambling House, so apologies for not blogging much lately.  Here’s a round up of what’s been going on…. Cycling, punctures and cross-dressing Last weekend we went over to our friends Dave and Ruth. … Continue reading

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Review – Healthspan Super 20 Probiotics

Would you believe me if I said this ordinary sized capsule contains 20 million bacteria? When I say 20 million, give or take a few, it sounds an incredible number and yet it is tiny when compared to the seven … Continue reading

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Review – Healthspan Cod Liver Oil

Mention “cod liver oil” to some of my friends and they will remember spoonfuls being given by the school nurse.  Alternatively do you remember those awful bottles of malt and cod liver oil dispensed by your Mother?  Do you remember that taste? … Continue reading

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