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Does the “Cyclists’ High” really exist?

If you are a moderately serious runner, the chances are you will have experienced the Runner’s High or at the very least, you will have heard people like me drone on about it.  We can easily go on and on about how … Continue reading

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Shimano A520 pedals – review

These pedals have: been pedalled thousands of miles clipped in and of umpteen times allow my foot to unexpectedly spring out a few times caused me to fall off only once and because of that, I think they are fine. … Continue reading

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10 fantastic reasons to be a cyclist

1. Health In broad terms, if you’re a regular cyclist you can halve the chance of getting diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.  Compared to inactive people, cyclists have the good health of someone 10 years younger.  The biggest cause … Continue reading

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Cycling forums

These days there is an on-line forum for almost any subject, interest, hobby or pastime.  Cycling is no different and I thought a little digging around might be useful to see what’s out there.  Below, at the bottom of this … Continue reading

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New cyclist asks “what about a mountain bike?”

There is probably a wider range of mountain bikes than any other genre of bike and they come with many different purposes, qualities and price points.   There is a strong argument in saying the mountain bike (aka ATB, MTB) … Continue reading

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New cyclist asks “what about town or hybrid bikes?”

How will the 2012 summer be remembered in the UK?  Could be the Queen’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, perhaps the Tour de France (with our victory at long last) or maybe the Olympics in which Team GB did so well?  The … Continue reading

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Electrolyte drinks – do you really need them?

Ever noticed newcomers in the gym always seem to be constantly sipping from a water bottle, or folk starting to jog or run will be carrying a drink without fail?  Is it a comfort blanket or something really important? When … Continue reading

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Cycling in the Autumn

If you live here in southern England, you might have noticed the leaves are just starting to hint at the approaching autumn.  On the right day, cycling in the autumn is fantastic.  Those cooler days, with soft mellow colours and … Continue reading

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Long term Review – Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard tyre

I’ve run these tyres on my Thorn Audax for well over 3000 miles and time to share a few thoughts about them. During this time they have grown on me and I’m fairly positive about them.  There is perhaps, there’s … Continue reading

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Review – Shimano BR6403 brake pads

I needed to replace some brake pads pretty quickly and so for simplicity I got a pair of these pads from Evans.  That was a few hundred miles ago and I’ve had a good chance to try them out in … Continue reading

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A few days ago I was waiting for a tube train in London and I spotted an advert for bikeworks and have now taken a closer look at their website as I think they appear a really great organisation and worth a … Continue reading

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Review – Knog Frog 1 LED front light

This is not your average frog.  This one is battery powered, straps easily to your handlebars and get’s on with beaming its little ray of light out into the world.   Sounds cute, doesn’t it?  It is available in a few … Continue reading

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Which bicycle frame material?

Right now, there are loads of people buying new bikes.  Here in the UK summer has finally arrived just as it is normally finishing.  The fantastic Tour de France has been won by Bradley Wiggins and we’ve seen some inspiration … Continue reading

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Cycling to work and the office shower

Commuting by bicycle in central London I have been enjoying cycling to work over the last couple of months but generally only once or twice a week. Did I mention before it’s about 43 miles there and back?  Well, it’s … Continue reading

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