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Cycling update with gravel for breakfast

Just realised I’ve not blogged or rambled much about running lately, so here’s a little update but first of all, here’s my super healthy breakfast to impress you with: I must admit I’ve taken running and cycling a little easier than normal … Continue reading

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Upgrading brake cables

Becky learning about handlebar moustaches The main bug-bear with Becky’s bike, her Birthday Bike Project in the form of a vintage Argos 531c bike, is the brakes being too stiff and awkward.  Our first step was to replace the levers … Continue reading

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Dealing with squeaks, rattles and other irritating noises

Although I know how a bike works and appreciate a nice smooth running bike, I’m not always quick to react when something might be wrong.  I should know better and yet I don’t want to become a bike nerd and … Continue reading

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Review – Raleigh Outback SPD type pedal

My daughter has treated herself to a pair of these pedals for her Birthday Bike Project.  She went into our LBS and selected a pair of shoes, having tried on every conceivable pair (at least twice), walked around in them, … Continue reading

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Pumping up bike tyres

Every cyclist needs one of these – a track pump – but not necessarily a Specialized one. Problems from an over-inflated tyre Tyres can be blown off the rim if the pressure is too high and this can occur in … Continue reading

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“Hills hurt, couches kill”

“Hills hurt, couches kill” is a quote that caught my eye from the amazing 39 stone cyclist, Gary Brennan.  If you’re overweight, obese or even morbidly obese please do not give up.  Follow the link below which will take you … Continue reading

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Routine brake pad check

This is about the importance of taking a closer look at your bicycle.  As an example of why this is important, this morning I checked over my bike, I discovered there was an issue with the rear brakes on my … Continue reading

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Cycling with children

Cycling with our two daughters is sometimes , shall we say, “interesting”.  It’s almost like their characters and outlook in life are being expressed through the way they cycle.  This can be seen from all kinds of different angles and … Continue reading

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Project Birthday Bike – next stage

Becky is still delighted with her new bike – the c1980s Argos fast tourer.  She had it on 25th July in the full knowledge that it needed some updating and a little TLC.  So far we’ve replaced the tyres and … Continue reading

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Sufferfest cycling activism group

At work I get a email bulletin from G4S from time to time. If I were Mr G4S I would be keeping a low profile these days in view of the Olympic security debarcle.   It’s a circular email advising recipients of … Continue reading

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