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Meridian Peanut Butter

I have long memories of enjoying peanut butter, right from getting home from school feeling as if I’d not eaten for a week, absolutely starving and making myself a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich. Yes, mayonnaise with peanut butter: more about that … Continue reading

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65.9mph and time to review – Cateye Strada wireless

Don’t be fooled by the maximum speed A while ago I thought I’d do a review of my wireless Cateye Strada.   I generally like to review things over a longer term rather than base a review on mere first … Continue reading

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Birthday Bike project continues

Flipflops and Crocs: the new cycling accessory?  Hope not!  Just a quick update on Becky’s birthday bike project…. we’ve had a tyre changing lesson having splashed out on a pair of Continental 4 Season 700×25 tyres and new tubes.  The … Continue reading

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A birthday “project”….

New cycling top co-ordinating well with her PJs Many 14 year old girls get make-up, iPhones and clothes for their birthday. Here’s our eldest daughter Becky with a birthday “project”.  It is an Argos frame (as in the Bristol bespoke … Continue reading

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Benefits of local honey

Everyone knows that honey is good for you.  Almost everyone likes it.  Just some people know local honey is particularly good for you.  Why?  Read on…. Many people suffer from allergies these days.  Often these are perfectly natural, like hay fever … Continue reading

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Inspiration from Wiggins

Source: Getty Images No cycling blog could ordinarily be complete without mention of yesterday’s exciting conclusion of the 2012 Tour de France with UK’s Bradley Wiggins winning. Wouldn’t  it be a wonderful thing if the spectacular achievement by Wiggins inspires … Continue reading

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Lost in the Cotswolds, again

Wallie and his odd socks somewhere in the Cotswolds Maybe it’s the effect of Wallie wearing odd socks.  Perhaps it was the unusual sight of the sun going to our heads or Wallie’s complete aversion to riding along any kind … Continue reading

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LBS -v- Wiggle, Evans, Chain Reaction…..

I think it is quite a tricky thing sometimes trying to decide between supporting a handful of Local Bike Shops  (LBSs) or enjoying the likes of Wiggle, Chain Reaction, Evans and so on. The nice thing about the mail order … Continue reading

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This evening’s rainy bike ride

I haven’t cycled much lately, what with one thing and other.  In seeking a bit of inspiration I watched the Tour de France highlights on TV this evening (first time for many, many years) and couldn’t resist going for a … Continue reading

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Fairhaven Wholefoods, Letchworth

We knew of this place from our friends Rachel and Steve who had mentioned it a while back.  Since we were in the area a few days ago, it was worth checking out.  I had a feeling there was a … Continue reading

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Care for a Brooks B17 Saddle

A Brooks B17 saddle will last for decades if looked  after . Regular readers will know I have two bikes and each has a Brooks B17 saddle.  I think they are very comfortable, timeless, good looking (if somewhat eccentric) and … Continue reading

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Church picnic 2012

It’s now turning into a bit of a tradition at our church to have a picnic sometime in the summer, straight after a Sunday morning service.  Now to put things in context, you have to remember we’re talking picnics in … Continue reading

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Sorry for not blogging lately

Hannah and myself on a friend’s tandem I am really sorry for not being able blog about my ramblings; June has been quite a hectic month.  As you may have picked up from a recent post, we did do the … Continue reading

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