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Is Watercress good for you?

freshly picked watercress from our garden pond We started growing watercress in our pond by accident a few years ago.  Rachel was sprinkling a few seeds onto some soil in a seed tray and some fell into the pond.  Since … Continue reading

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Book review – Earthing by Clinton Ober et al

Recently I really did enjoy the challenge of a book review by fellow blogger Natasha  for her ‘The Nourishing Road’ blog. Click here  for the review, the blog itself and why not take a look around Natasha’s blog while your there.  You’ll … Continue reading

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Coast to Coast training ride

C2C practice ride for Becky & Hannah “Becky how far do you think we’ve been riding for?” “About a mile or two” “Are you sure?  Must be at least 20 miles.  I never knew this mountain was so steep” panted … Continue reading

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World’s best saddle bag?

It is all very well for cyclist and blogger Tejvan Pettinger in his truly excellent Cycling Info blog to talk about buying the largest saddle bag you can, he has neglected the above Carradice saddle bags, still made in the UK (thankfully). … Continue reading

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Are avocados and tomatoes good for you?

Historically I have loathed avocados but now I see them in a different light and really enjoy them.  Besides, some foods just seems to go well with each other: cheese and pickle, peanut butter and mayonnaise (yes, really!) and now I can … Continue reading

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