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How to give up smoking in one easy step

As I enjoyed writing the blog post about being tee total (i.e. no alcohol) I thought I might blog about smoking. Before I go any further, let me assure you I haven’t smoked for many many years – it was a young … Continue reading

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Withdrawal symptoms

My apologies for not blogging very much lately.  I’ve missed you too.  It seems there is always so much to do these days at home, at work, wider family and church demands all squeezing my time.  Please don’t take that … Continue reading

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Review – Craft Pro Zero base layer

Craft Prozero base layer This has turned out to be a great find, compensating for the mediocre Montane featherlite marathon jacket that I’m also wearing in this picture. Craft clothing have a couple of different terms for their baselayers with the Pro … Continue reading

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Why I’m tee total

Few things are nicer than a good coffee or tea Please bear with me in a brief departure from the usual running and cycling posts.  Back to normal after this post. Just imagine alcohol didn’t exist and you are the … Continue reading

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Guest blog by Tony Gavin

Tony Gavin, centre I came across Tony Gavin via Progait on the web.  In my book, you cannot underestimate how important things like a gait analysis are in terms of taking care of yourself and enjoying going for a run. After all, … Continue reading

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Ask me a question!

Many people who know me personally already realise I sometimes ask a lot of questions.  What makes it even more tiring for them is that I tend to ask ‘open’ questions.  Besides, I have really gained from picking people’s brains … Continue reading

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Linseed / Flaxseed

As I’m not a big fan of eating oily fish, I need to be mindful of how I get sufficient Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  For sure we all need to include these in our diets for the benefit of our … Continue reading

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Maximum heart rate

When I’m training on the treadmill I occasionally grab the sensors to see what my heart rate is.  Having done this quite a few times over the months and years I can pretty much predict what it’s going to be … Continue reading

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