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The Surly Slob

Firstly my apologies to regular readers for not posting anything new for almost a week but I have a few posts “up my sleeve”.  No, the title is not a reference to myself hopefully but to a driver I encountered … Continue reading

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How often, how far, how fast?

How often should I cycle?  How far do I need to cycle to stay fit?  How fast should I cycle?  All good questions for anyone taking up cycling but today’s question is how often should I cycle [to stay fit]? … Continue reading

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Is curry good for runners and cyclists?

Following on from yesterday’s blog post on Fauja Singh, the 100 year old marathon runner, I have given some thought to his liking of curry, particularly ginger curry.  Has this made a difference or is it coincidence?  Is curry good … Continue reading

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Water bottles from Bob’s Cycle Center, California

I am very thankful to my Californian friend Dee, who’s also a keen cyclist and good friend.  I mentioned a while ago that the water bottle he kindly gave to me back in the 1980’s is still going strong.  He … Continue reading

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Cycling and sunglasses

Ordinarily I loathe wearing glasses of any kind but increasingly I need to.  Firstly I couldn’t be sitting here typing right now without glasses through being long sighted (allegedly to do with this middle age stuff) and also because my … Continue reading

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How to look after your feet

Everyone needs good feet, especially runners and cyclists.  This has been brought home to me through my parents both needing to see a chiropodist as they’re both pensioners and, for that age group, I understand it’s a common thing to … Continue reading

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More cool images from London Skyride 2011

Just clicking through my camera and I came across this year’s London Skyride and a couple of other images.  Once again please allow me to applaud the concept of turning the streets over to bicycles, albeit for just one day … Continue reading

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