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DW Sports Fitness review

A while back I gave notice to the gym that I was quitting and yesterday was the last visit, hence my review.  The reason for quitting is simply a result of my hand injury and I’ve hardly been in the … Continue reading

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Cycling in the Cotswolds

Yesterday my friend Wallie and I had another great ride in the Cotswold Hills.  For us it’s a brilliant place to meet up (equidistant from our homes). Any rumours about us being like a pair of grumpy old men is … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Does hot chocolate count towards my 5 a day?” Hannah, aged 11 Hannah could never be described as a lover of fruit and vegetables, not uncommon with other kids.  Besides, I think she’s following in my own footsteps as I … Continue reading

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Some cyclists are nice

This proves some cyclists are nice.  You might remember I blogged a couple of times in April about the friendliness of other cyclists and runners, or to put it another way, the indifference that some show to their fellow cyclists. … Continue reading

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Today’s ride

Not the best photograph I’ve ever taken, nor the most flattering but it’s about as good as it comes today I’m afraid.  Have you ever tried to photograph yourself while riding along?  Not easy, is it? Anyway, this afternoon’s ride was … Continue reading

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Is cycling addictive?

You might have seen my recent post considering whether running is addictive.  I concluded that it was and now I find myself wondering if cycling, also, is addictive.  Could I be addicted to both? This last week I have had the opportunity … Continue reading

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Becoming a vegetarian

Hannah who announced she too wanted to be a vegetarian Over the last couple of years I have gradually been eating less and less meat.  Our eldest daughter, Becky has already more-or-less decided to make the change to become a … Continue reading

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